Proof Challenge winners have been chosen!
January 13, 2017



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The U.S. Military selects winners of THE national challenge to redesign chembio Warfighter suits

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 13, 2017) – The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense has awarded 12 prizes to winners of the s Proof Challenge – a chembio suit design challenge that called on the public to submit designs and ideas for a new suit.  Finalists came from a variety of fields that ranged from students to engineers. A total of $250,000 was awarded to 12 participants/teams.

“We were excited to use the Proof Challenge to reach out to the general public, beyond our military resources and experts, to source ideas and solutions for innovation,” says LeRoy Garey, the Proof Challenge Product Manager.  “The thinking, attention to detail and fresh ideas were astounding, exceeding what we expected.  This type of public collaboration is something we look forward to tapping into in the future – joining forces with the Americans we serve to help protect this country and our Warfighters.”
Proof Challenge winners include:


Challenge Finalists


Idea Name: Increase Dexterity & Tactility ChemBio Suit

Team Members: Shana Kaplan, Madeline Haas, Itohan Asemota, Nicole Raab, Angela Villanueva, and Jess Roberts


Idea Name: JSLIST Rapid Cooling System (RCS) & Integrated Cooling Ensemble

Team Members: Steven Link, Barret Schlegelmilch, Jonathan Lovett, Eric Hinterman, and Phillip Ebben


Idea Name:  SPIDER© Suit Grey Matter

Team Members: Thomas Luginbill, Brandy Johnson, Aaron Brauner, Steve Winters, and Steve Luginbill



Challenge Semifinalists/Runners-Up


Idea Name: ChemBio Duck Combat Duck Boot

Team Members: Michele Putko, Robert Putko, Catherine Putko, and Marie Putko


Idea Name: A More Fitted Hood

Team Members: William Gabler, Cassandra Kwon, Minyoung Suh, Marc Mathews, Hilary Smith, Caitlin McCall, and Raquel Weis


Idea Name: Hybrid Glove Concept

Team Members: Steve Santaniello

Semifinalists/Second Runners-Up


Idea Name: Improved Glove Fit

Team Member: Roland Bruyns


Idea Name: Custom Articulated Garments for Optimal Dexterity

Team Members: Leanne Luce, Ryan Brady, Kevin Galloway, Neil Tagner, and Matthew Borgatti


Idea Name: AgileWear

Team Members: Brian Kane, Gen Leonard, Karma Malhas, and Catherine Andreozzi


Idea Name: Closure Control

Team Members: Devon Willard, Chelsey Pyne, and Keren Espina

Challenge Side Prize Winners


Game Changer: Pulse Electric Textile for ChemBio Protection

Team Members: Francisco J. Martinez, Howard Eglewstein, and Bettina Pasquantonio


Influencer: Grey Matter

Team Members: Thomas Luginbill


Winners will be showcased on the Proof Challenge Facebook page and will work with JPEO-CBD on the next steps of bringing their suit ideas to reality.
About the Proof Challenge: The Proof Challenge sourced innovative ideas for solutions to increase mobility, dexterity and tactility, allowing the Warfighter to complete all relevant tasks (including running, climbing, etc.) in a fast and comfortable manner.  Also sourced were ideas for heat management that reduce heat burden and actively cool the Warfighter as various physical tasks are conducted.  For more information on the Proof Challenge, please visit
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